how do you view entire friends list in the pop up box on facebook using the browser

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Nov 10, 2009
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I already tried the mobile facebook and the touch site and they don't even have tabs to view friends/fans lists. When I use facebook on the browser and click on someones friends list, the box pops up in the middle of the page, just like it would on a regular laptop/PC but I can't figure out how to scroll down / click next page in this pop up box to view more friends. All it seems like I can do is view the persons first 10 friends that appear in the pop up box, and that's it. The droid is supposed to have a "real web experience with a full HTML browser". Well if the droid can't even view someones friends or the list of people who are a fan of a certain page on facebook, then I beg to differ.

Anyone have this same problem and does anyone know how to view friends lists in this pop up box?