new friend on facebook, wont sync with my contact for that person


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Feb 22, 2011
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I just got my Droid 2 Global about 3 weeks ago, and had no problem syncing my existing facebook friends with their phone numbers already in my backup assistant. I recently added a phone number to my phone about 5 days ago, then became friends with the person on fb last night. In my contacts, she's still only listed as how I put her in there, even though I have her name exactly as it is on fb, and I also have her email address in her contact info on the phone. But her fb picture wont show up next to her contact info, and when I view her contact and slide over to see the social network info, it shows nothing is available. I went in to Verizon, and they were worthless for any help. I've been browsing the net and have basically only found people that want to remove facebook friends from their contacts, not update new ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!