Hexlock Allows You To Lock Down Individual Apps!


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Oct 6, 2011
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How secure does your phone need to be? Believe it or not there are ways around lock screens. One of the easiest lockscreen types to circumvent is the gesture lock. All someone would have to do is look at the grease pattern left behind on your phone and figure out the start and end point by trial and error. Pin lockscreens can be circumvented by onlookers who just watch you type in your pin.

Fingerprint scanners make getting into your phone a bit more tricky since the other person would need your physical finger, but even fingerprint scanners use pin codes as a backup in case the scanner fails.

If someone is able to circumvent the lockscreen and gain access to your phone they would have all of your personal information at their fingertips. You can add an extra layer of security using an app like Hexlock. Hexlock allows you to lock down individual app. You could use this to set a pin that is separate from your lockscreen. In other words they would have to figure out two different pins to access your information. If this added layer of security interests you head to the link below to grab the app from the Play Store!

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