1. S

    Replace Google dialer

    First, is there a way to group contacts in the stock Google dialer app (friends, work, etc)? Or combine that app with the contact app which does group contacts? If not, what dialer & contact app would? Nothing artsy just a good basic app. Android used to do groupings 4yrs ago, but now I...
  2. Kamal Amila

    What are the best android auto clicker apps?

    There are several auto clicker apps in android play store. But I realized that they have unique features. Some are good and some are bad. I am confused about what app to select. My main purpose is to click on advertisements. I am looking for an instant solution. Thank you.
  3. D

    Apps at homescreen get removed after using Maximum Energy Saving Mode on Samsung S8.

    Hello. After using Maximum Energy Saving Mode and then turning it off my app icons on home screen get removed, only widgets stay in there. Also the apps get sorted alphabetically, not how I set them to be. I have Samsung S8, using One UI launcher. The problem started to happen recently, as I...
  4. Q

    Automatic updates turned off, but a few keep doing it anyway

    My phone doesn't have a ton of room, so I have automatic updates of apps turned off. But ones that came with the phone (e.g. Instagram and Facebook) will do it anyway. Ones I actually installed myself never do. Was just wondering if there's any way to actually get it to not automatically update...
  5. R


    I am newbie here and just join your community. I am here to share and gain some knowledge about Android OS. So i hope that you all guys connect with me and help each other.
  6. DroidModderX

    LG Is Adding More 18:9 Content To The LG Smart World App

    The LG G6 was one of the first to feature an unusual 18:9 aspect ratio which appears to be upcoming standard for cinematography. The ratio is currently being advocated by Netflix. Google has even urged developers to add support for both 18:9 and 18.5:9 aspect ratios. We are early enough into...
  7. weaponspro

    New Member Here!

    Hello everyone! I want to introduce myself, my name is Andrew and I develop indie apps and games. Weapons are my passion and this is why most of my apps are weapon simulators. Looking forward to meeting you all and sharing ideas and apps. I wish you all a nice day! Cheers!
  8. Q

    Can't move apps to SD card

    I'm happy with my phone for the most part, but the only problem is it has very little space (it's not a fancy expensive phone). So even though I only have a few apps installed, I got an error message last night that it couldn't install updates to my apps because there wasn't enough room, so I...
  9. Q

    Solved Trying to move an mp3 but it just keeps playing

    I want to use an mp3 as a custom ringtone, so I know I need to move it to my ringtones folder. I got it onto my phone using Google Drive, so it's currently in my downloads folder. I'm trying to move it to the ringtones folder using a file manager app that I saw recommended in another tech...
  10. M


    i just switched from iPhone to Galaxy. I know there is a ton of stuff i can do with this phone, and I want to know what those things are. I can look up tutorials but all i find are like the basic things. I wanna know what this thing is really capable of as far as like underground apps, hacks...
  11. sweenbeen

    Issue with Background Data - Pls Help

    Hello all, Recently I have been experiencing an issue with background data. Suddenly my phone (Droid Turbo running Marshmallow, stock non-rooted) has been acting up. I do not receive any notifications which require use of data unless my screen is unlocked or even forced to look. This includes...
  12. Jonny Kansas

    List of pre-loaded apps on the Verizon Pixel revealed!

    We were all wondering how this was going to play out when Google announced Verizon exclusivity for the Pixel devices in the US. Now, we've got a better picture of what apps will be pre-loaded on the new Google Pixel phones. This info comes to us from a user on Reddit, who cites Verizon's...
  13. B

    Current Apps that Crash

    In my endeavor to learn how to test android apps, I’d like to see some android apps that crash. Does anyone know of any apps that consistently crash that I could use to test with? I need to record the screen activity and view the logs when the crash occurs. I’m testing on an LG Transpyre...
  14. DroidModderX

    Cyanogen Is Still An OS Company!

    There was a bit of confusion over the weekend surrounding reports that Cyanogen would be giving up on the Operating Business in favor of going in to the app business. This would not be shocking news if it were true as Cyanogen just finished laying off more than 20% of its work force...
  15. T

    Pushing Apps Out using Device Policy

    Just wondering is there a way to push out an App to a group of users for a dept, e.g. TeamViewer App to allow us remote support and control users Samsung Android Devices? We use Google Device Policy (MDM) to manager: Device management > App Management > Whitelisted Android Apps Can...
  16. DroidModderX

    HTC 10 All-In-One Patch All Sense Apps, Widgets, and Plugins

    HTC has finally done an excellent job at providing us with more of a stock vanilla android experience when it comes to Sense 8 on the HTC 10. They have removed redundant apps on the device. Where you used to have a Gmail app and an HTC mail app you now only have the Gmail app. This means that...
  17. DroidModderX

    Galaxy S7 Apps Ported To The Galaxy S6 and Note 5

    The S7 and S7 Edge go live tomorrow, but you can get a taste of the S7 experience right now on your Galaxy S6 or Note 5! Developer "Albe95" has put together an S7 apps package. There are 6 apps included so a few things are missing. Unfortunately this does not include the Always on Display from...
  18. DroidModderX

    Material Cards Icons For Custom Launchers.

    If you really want to give your device a new look and feel the best way to do that is to install a custom launcher. Once you have a custom launcher installed you can install an icon pack. Most icon packs will totally change the look and feel of your device with included wallpapers and hand...
  19. D

    Sell videos on an App ?

    Hello, I want to know if it is possible to make an App and to Sell/Rent videos (conferance) inside it with inApp purchases, we are dealing with the development of the App and we have a fear that maybe Android will refuse our stuffs. Is it possible for making like such kind of apps ...
  20. DroidModderX

    Hexlock Allows You To Lock Down Individual Apps!

    How secure does your phone need to be? Believe it or not there are ways around lock screens. One of the easiest lockscreen types to circumvent is the gesture lock. All someone would have to do is look at the grease pattern left behind on your phone and figure out the start and end point by trial...