Can't move apps to SD card


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Feb 24, 2017
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I'm happy with my phone for the most part, but the only problem is it has very little space (it's not a fancy expensive phone). So even though I only have a few apps installed, I got an error message last night that it couldn't install updates to my apps because there wasn't enough room, so I had to uninstall something, which I really didn't want to do.

The thing is I have an SD card with a ton of space on it, but most of my apps won't give me the option to move them to the card. Is there a way to get it to let me? Googling showed me someone saying there's some "root" thing you can do that will let you move all apps, but a techy friend tells me because I bought my phone from the website of my carrier there's no way to do this, that technically they own my phone, not me, and there isn't an option to do this root thing i that's the case. Is that true? Is there some other option? Alternatively, is there a way to uninstall apps that the phone came with that I'm never gonna use? I really don't want to have to uninstall more apps!


Dec 8, 2009
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Some apps you cannot move because they require system resources or services running. You can use an app call App Manager III that can help you move all apps that can be moved to the SD card. Another thing is if you have a lot of pics on your device and SD card, they will cause the device to create a large thumbnail cache and I have not found a good way to keep that under control.