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  1. C

    How to Back-Up files to my SD card to FREE UP SPACE on my phone

    All I want to do, is to transfer "Photos & Videos" to my SD card, do that I can "Free Up" space on my Alcatel 7 Android Cell phone. And yes, the SD card is ALREADY FORMATTED, and I have already transfered files to it which I CAN ACCESS in my phone. [ Although, for the LIFE of me, I can't...
  2. walkerparalegal

    Solved I'm a new guy

    Hello. I'm "walkerparalegal" (I think) and am introducing myself. Not even sure this is the right place for introductions. I DO have an issue. I have a ZTE (s--t) phone into which I have tried and inserted 2 different SanDisk SD chips. When powered back on, there's an SD symbol in the status...
  3. Klif

    Solved Android Thinks There's an SD Card (There's Not!)

    Moto G 3rd Generation XT1548 Android 5.1.1 Republic Wireless Kernel Version: 3.10.49-g7f2a07b hudsoncm@ilclbld53 #1 System Version: 23.41.59.osprey_repw.repw.en.US sprint Build Number: LPI23.72-59 SD Card SanDisk Ultra PLUS 32GB Micro SD HC I My phone suddenly stopped recognizing my SD card...
  4. T

    Cannot access videos after 7.0 update on encrypted SD card

    I recently encrypted my SD card and this morning I updated to 7.0. On boot SD card was said to be corrupted. I put SD in old phone then moved pics to PC. Then reformatted card in current phone and moved pics back to SD card. I can only see pics/vids from prior to the encryption. Why can't I see...
  5. T

    help SD card has become incompatible

    Hi my phone reset and the sd card became incompatible with the phone (and with the computer) since I had converted the card into internal memory How do I retrieve the data from a notebook app that was on the card? Thank you!!
  6. Q

    Can't move apps to SD card

    I'm happy with my phone for the most part, but the only problem is it has very little space (it's not a fancy expensive phone). So even though I only have a few apps installed, I got an error message last night that it couldn't install updates to my apps because there wasn't enough room, so I...
  7. Asdfghjkl25

    My phone won't read my sd card

    My phone model is ASUDZ00D it won't read my sd card,I try to connect it to my pc and it is also not detected.I also try to insert it to other phones and it's working and detected What should I do I already clean the sd card and insert it back but it still not detected,help pls
  8. Aiiyiiyiii

    New problem playing music synced onto phone

    I've done it this way for years. Buy mp3's from google music, download to my W7 PC, sync to my Samsung Note3 kitkat over USB using Windows Media Player. Since last week, though, new music that I sync to the phone either plays all scrambled up, or simply gives a message "this file type not...
  9. C

    Does Marshmallow hide/protect pictures?

    I use the excellent Sync Me app SyncMe Wireless - Android Apps on Google Play to backup my phone. It's nice because it doesn't require root privileges for most files I care about. One of the tasks I have configured backs up /sdcard/DCIM/Camera. On Lollipop, this worked fine. Since upgrading...
  10. I

    Can't use sd card as internal storage

    I'm new to these forums, but I have a problem. I have a moto G 2nd generation with low storage, so wanted to increase its storage. I purchased an sd card but whenever I start formatting it, it usually stops midformat. the notification says "Reinsert SD card". Sometimes it does finish formatting...
  11. S

    Unable to transfer Sd card datas from/to pc via USB debugging after formatted to internal storage

    I knew that marshmallow came with a support for external sd card used as internal storage. I am using Moto G(3rd gen) and Samsung Evo+ 32 gb class 10 memory card. But after formatting this two problems occurred... 1. My phone file manager(es file explorer) could not find the extra storage for...
  12. fishslime

    Micro SD Card Causing Performance Issues

    Hey all, I recently got a Droid Turbo 2 and the performance was great. Apps quickly load, switching screens is fast and fluid... Until I inserted my 64 GB micro sd card. There isn't much memory used on it, about 3 GB of music is all. The phone now acts more sluggish. I play clash of clans, and...
  13. N

    Factory Reset

    I was having glitches with my phone so I did a factory reset on my phone last night. I have a external SD card that i did not format (because I didn't want to wipe it clean) and when I opened my pictures, it had erased all of them and is now displaying a landscape picture with an exclamation...