Unable to transfer Sd card datas from/to pc via USB debugging after formatted to internal storage


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Jan 21, 2016
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Moto G3
I knew that marshmallow came with a support for external sd card used as internal storage. I am using Moto G(3rd gen) and Samsung Evo+ 32 gb class 10 memory card. But after formatting this two problems occurred...
1. My phone file manager(es file explorer) could not find the extra storage for accessing any files in it. While the Storage & USB in settings shows the extended storage capacity to 48gb.
2. Even my pc couldn't find that extended storage and was still showing only 11.2gb which my Moto G3 provide.
3. Another problem is when use as a Portable storage then Android do not allow to move apps to SD Card.
So my questions are...
Q1. If I format my external SD card to internal storage then can't it be used as like the built in internal storage to store apps, photos, videos etc.?
Q2. Is it normally happens to every Marshmallow user?
Q3. Or is there any way to transfer datas from or to pc/laptops using USB debugging?
Please help me.....I'm in big trouble.