Micro SD Card Causing Performance Issues


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Dec 17, 2015
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Droid Turbo 2
Hey all, I recently got a Droid Turbo 2 and the performance was great. Apps quickly load, switching screens is fast and fluid... Until I inserted my 64 GB micro sd card. There isn't much memory used on it, about 3 GB of music is all. The phone now acts more sluggish. I play clash of clans, and the app times out when trying to load it. I am not sure why having an SD card should effect performance of software that doesn't have anything to do with the SD card. Before you ask, all apps are installed on the phone. Literally the only thing on the card is music. I know it is an issue with the card because if I remove it, my performance is back to normal. The card itself is a class 10 card and read/write speeds when using it via a USB adapter on my PC are in spec with what it says it should be.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Strange. Try reformatting the card then re-transfer files and load it up and see if it still happens.
You might try clearing your cache..I haven't done a write up on it yet..so I guess I better do that..lol..
It was bought off of Ebay. It says it's a Kingston brand card, but I'm not sure I believe that or not. I guess my question was more about why even a cheap card would have this effect when you aren't even using it for normal phone functions, just to store pictures and music on.

I did try formatting it (extFAT) and it has the same issue. I decided not to use that card and I will try purchasing a better quality one and see if that also has an issue.
Have you called Moto to see if they have any explanation?
No I haven't. I was curious if anyone else has experienced this or not.
I have a 32GB San Disk SD in my phone and my wife's phone (both Turbo 2) and have not had any issues yet. I think mind are formatted as FAT32