1. DroidModderX

    Relock Your HTC 10 Bootloader With Sunshine!

    The Sunshine app is the go to app for Motorola and HTC devices. The app allows you to easily bootloader unlock and even S-Off your devices. It is the only one click automated solution. The app has just been updated and now allows you to safely relock your HTC 10 bootloader. Apparently HTC...
  2. DroidModderX

    Xiaomi Locking Down Some Bootloaders With Firmware Updates!

    Having an unlocked bootloader means that you have full control of your phone's software. You can flash mods, custom roms, and root your device with ease if your bootloader is unlocked. So far Xiaomi phones have has unlocked bootloaders. This has led to some devices showing up on customer's doors...
  3. Macktion

    CES 2016 Noke

    Ill be honest, I have not cycled for at least a few years, but I can still see the advantages to a lock with 'no key' (gotta love a product that puns with its own name). A couple of items that Nate did not mention in the video: If the battery runs out (and the lock has to be open to replace...
  4. DroidModderX

    Hexlock Allows You To Lock Down Individual Apps!

    How secure does your phone need to be? Believe it or not there are ways around lock screens. One of the easiest lockscreen types to circumvent is the gesture lock. All someone would have to do is look at the grease pattern left behind on your phone and figure out the start and end point by trial...