Dynamic Pin Allows You To Lock Screen and Apps Intelligently


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Oct 6, 2011
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A while back Justin Case developed a super innovative app for unique PIN lock of your device. TimePIN locked your device with a PIN based on the current time. This means that your phone always had a different PIN which means that a potential thief would not be able to unlock your phone by watching your unlock your phone or by looking at the grease smudges on your device. This app is awesome, but wouldn't it be awesome to be able to lock individual apps with a unique PIN.

Dynamic PIN by developer "vijayr0218" sets your pin based on a mathematical expression that you set. This ends up being pretty secure since pretty much anyone who looks at the lockscreen would just give up before they start as these PINs can be pretty complex. The big feature here is the ability to not only lock your device but also apps. Grab this app for free at the Play Link below.

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