FingerSecurity App Allows You To Lock Each App For Samsung Devices


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Oct 6, 2011
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One of the coolest novelty features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the fingprint scanner which allows you to unlock your lockscreen. I call it a novelty feature because its really cool to show your friends, and is pretty cool to play with when you first buy the phone. For me it just wasn't practical so I really didn't find myself using it. However if you are one who loves the fingerprint scanner on the S5 you will really love the ability to lock and unlock individual apps. The new "FingerSecurity" app allows you to do just that.

- Widget for quick enable / disable service
- Timeout to allow short absence or absence till you lock the screen
- Location based security so that you don't have to unlock your apps when you are at home (WiFi and Bluetooth).
- Advanced Security to prevent uninstall
- Auto protect new apps
- Hide UI for finger scanner
- Alternative password
- Custom per app settings
- Protect Notifications(after ticker text)
- Use themes
- Use Specific Fingers to unlock different apps

Grab this app from the Play Store.
That's one heck of an app! Might have to check this out, though I don't often hand my phone off to other people.

Samsung should've added some of that functionality to the devices by default. Only being able to unlock the phone, hide some pictures, and verify yourself on paypal and Samsung services is kinda lame now that the s5 has been out for a while and the Note 4 came with a scanner as well.

Still, that's what's so great about the android community. Devs are quick to fill the void.
Until the fingerprint scanner works as flawlessly as TouchID I will continue to avoid it.

I tried this app last month and ended up deleting it. It was simply faster and less frustrating to use my pin code.