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Mar 31, 2011
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Lake Tahoe, CA
i had fission working just fine on my d2g, heard that liberty was better, got grds romer and sensor zips, but when i flashed liberty, phone froze, over and over, now its bricked. i have an old mac so i cant install rsdlite to sbf it. getting a new d2g through insurance and am going to root it again, but i dont want this to happen. any advice on liberty? or should i stick with fission?
i would wait b/c GRD is releasing there rom soon, also os 2.3 is going to be leaked soon.
so now i have everything to sbf my d2g, but my battery is dead and apparently wont charge. when i plug it in to charge its stuck on the m screen, was plugged in for 24 hours, unplugged and when i try to turn on into bootloader nothing. how can i charge my battery if my phone is bricked?
You either have to get an external charger for the battery or find someone with a droid 1 or droid 2 that can let you borrow a battery, otherwise you're out of luck

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