[HELP] Data slow and speaker phone problem


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Jun 9, 2011
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First off I have to say thanks for making this rom. I've been messing around with roms for about 8 months now to extend the userfulness of my DX. I've heard about Liberty on and off for awhile now and last week I decided to make the jump from that OTHER dx rom to liberty. It has been like night and day. Things work really well, the phone is fast like when I first bought it and the battery life, oh my god the battery life. It's like a totally different phone. Thank you so much for giving my dx that little boos it needs until it can be retired for the new hotness.

To get to liberty I wiped the phone and SBF'd to stock gingerbread. Rooted, boot strapped and rommed. Before this I was on CM7 nightlies, but with the SBF I don't believe that should matter. Since the setup my two main problems are this.

1. Data seems slower then before. I use my phone constantly as a mobile entertainment device. That means mostly music streaming in my car and on the bus. After switching my ability to stream music has all but gone away. Compared to my previous rom it's really significant. The streams are the same but I'm constantly slowing down and losing data speed in places I never had issues before. With the old FROYO roms I know there were basebands and I had already flashed to 13p back then. From what I read now with Gingerbread there are no new basebands or a way to flash other radios. Any suggestions for data quality? I have 3g, it's there and it works sometimes but just not reliable like it used too. Gone through all the verizon steps like updating roaming and re-programming.

2. Also mobile entertainment related. I have the car dock that I mount my phone in, the official Droid x one. I plug a stereo jack into the phone to listen to music on my car stereo. When I'm done and unmount the phone speaker phone mode always comes on. It's not that big of a deal but kind of annoying. I've only be able to turn it off when I'm in a call. If anyone has an idea for a fix, or even a way to turn off speaker phone without being in a call, like a power toggle or something, that would really help.

Thanks again for the great rom, and the suggestions. Honestly the pro's far outweigh the cons here. I just wish I could get my data speed back.