Looking For: Route audio: Bluetooth (phone and music) phone speaker (navigation)


Nov 9, 2009
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Has anyone come across an app that will do the following:

When connected to my car...

1. Route the phonecalls to my cars bluetooth system.
2. Route the Media (music players, online radio, etc.) to my cars bluetooth stereo system.
3. Route the navigation to the phones speaker. (This is the key item)

So far when you switch bluetooth stereo on and off in the phones bluetooth settings it also changes the nav stream.

I know the phone could be capable of this. I have an application called "gentle alarm" which routes the alarm music to the 'alarm stream' which causes it to come from the phones speaker and not the cars bluetooth. I have tested this and it works.

I wonder if there is a way to route the navigation stream to the phones speaker rather than the cars bluetooth audio.

I hope the above makes sense.
Can this be done with a 3rd party ROM? I may be willing to put an unofficial ROM on my phone if this audio routing thing is possible.