Got my Turbo free, gave up unlimited data and got a hella deal.

No way I'm giving up unlimited voluntarily.
7 days into my billing cycle I'm at 3GB. I typically use about 10GB.

I have a LG G3 that I bought right after release for $550 on the open market.
My total monthly bill for four phones with unlimited text, 1400 shared minutes and unlimited data is $210.
That includes total equipment coverage on all lines at about $8.99 per line.

There is not a single current plan that they can offer me that even comes close.
My bill is so low because I get a $20 credit per line because they offered the plan years ago and I don't plan on making any changes.
So I walked in with a stiff upper lip holding my hand up to the CSR before she said anything and said "No matter what you offer I'm not giving up my unlimited data"! I folded pretty quickly. I switched over to the Edge More Everything plan which is unlimited talk/text and 30GB data shared between my two lines for $130/month. I think the max I've ever used in a month was 20GB. The end result of this is that my 64GB Turbo was free, I got $100 in free accessories, they are going to take my trade in today, and credit another $100. Probably the best part for me is that Hot Spotting is included in this deal so I no longer have to worry about rooting or finding a workaround. That being said there appears to be an issue with the entitlement check and hot spotting is not working right now on some Turbos. VZ and Moto are aware of this. I may try to swap the phone out this afternoon to see if it helps.


So back to the OP.
-When you say the phone was free, do you mean you're actually paying full price for it in 24 monthly payments via the Edge program?
-Did you get the $100 in accessories by asking or did they offer (is this a gift card or did you choose on the spot)?
-Do you have another $100 coming to you soon that is owed to you from the trade-in or did they take it off of your bill?

I have unlimited but am in a similar boat where I don't really use it. I'm debating on giving it up and would like to see what they'll offer. Thanks.
Had the opposite affect. I walked in, said what's the best you can do for me. They looked at my data usage and told me I should pay full price.

125GB last month on one unlimited phone, and 40GB on mine. So, unless they come up with a cheap 200GB per month plan, I'll be keeping my unlimited.
ROTFLOL!!!! Yeah I'm 4.5gigs on day 9 of month. Paying full price on four lines to keep unlimited.

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4.5GBs? I might catch you on my phone, but the other line has you beat and it's only been 4 days :D

Day 4 for my line: 2GBs
Day 4 for the other line: 19GBs
Love seeing heavy data users after all the hate we get everywhere and everyone blaming us for Verizon costs.

Let's see who will be the first to break a terabyte on a single line in one month!

Suck it up vzw!
Love seeing heavy data users after all the hate we get everywhere and everyone blaming us for Verizon costs.

Let's see who will be the first to break a terabyte on a single line in one month!

Suck it up vzw!
Lol. 1TB/month. That would raise some eyebrows.
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LOL you guys are too funny!
I'll play though....this is 2 days shy of my usage for this cycle


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I am nowhere near a heavy data user compared to you guys. I bow to the masters... I am holed in your presence. But one thing is sure, I'll have unlimited until they kick me off. I doubt they will since I pay on time all the time.

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Terabyte? I have to admit, that'd be tough. My heaviest month with both unlimited devices that I can remember seeing was around 190 GBs, so around 19% of a TB? To reach a Terabyte, I'd have to be doing some heavy downloading and I'm not talking about apps...
The usage above is one of my highest months ever in the past 5+ years on my unlimited plan. I may have had a couple in the 60s, but I typically average between 30-40. The majority of my numbers come from YouTube & streaming music & movies. I don't set out to take advantage of my unlimited data plan or screw Verizon, I simply use my device the way I want to, without worrying about limitations.
And that my friends is a good feeling.

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