GO Launcher EX V2.0 released

initially I like it, it combines some of the features I like from Launcher pro and ADW. Ill play with it for a good bit and check it out.
I would switch in a heartbeat if it had social network widgets like lpp

Download colorize widgets. Set of htc like widgets which include twitter and facebook. plus you can change the widgets color or make it transparent :)

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i just installed this. but how do i set it so that it shows my Dolphin bookmarks? also, why dont thumbnails of the bookmarks show up?
Guys, we will make the widgets ASAP. Actually they are in our to do list now.
I really like this launcher because I still can use friend stream and my sense music player and calendar. Thanks for a great launcher.

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I have been unable to get Go Launcher or Go Launcher EX to support Beautiful Widgets Weather (any size). The Beautiful widget toggle work fine. Also, I love Folder Organizer and I cannot see where this is supported.

It does seem to open and respond much quicker than Launcher Pro.
everytime i open ::go launcher:: it pops up but it doesnt let me apply it to my homepage on my droid it , everytime i press home it goes back to my old home page
i noticed this as well. but, i uninstalled the regular GO Launcher, leaving only the EX version, and it hasn't happened again. give it a try, and hopefully it works for ya.
Just released a new version. Have a try and make some feedback to us please.
I really like your Launcher, but you need to add screen transition animations, similar to MIUI or Launcher Pro. Also needs more theme/icon options. Great work though.:)
Great launcher but the only problem is the glow around certain elements of widgets. Its the same with other launchers and awd launcher for example has an option called wallpaper hack that when you turn the option off the glow around the widgets goes away. I know its done for performance but just wanted to see if it could be made an option to keep it on or turn it off like adw.

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Hey I'm currently using ADW launcher, I want the honest answer on whether its worth it to switch based on smoothness, app responsiveness, icons, themes etc. I'm not rooted just like to try different things with my phone

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Love the addition of transitions!! Just want more themes, I downloaded my first theme today and didn't realize they theme icons and everything. Soo cool. Great work!
I finally have been able to get Beautiful Widgets to work with Go Launcher EX. I cannot get shortcuts, such as Direct Dial, to work.

The transitions look cool.