LauncherPro vs GO Launcher EX


Jan 15, 2010
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Ive been using Launcher Pro on my Droid X for a long time. No problems, fast and feature rich!

My coworker has a Droid 1. He, like others, has a lag issue. When pressing the home button he experiences a 15 second delay.

Yesterday we both installed GO Launcher EX. IT is a full feature launcher having most of the features as Launcher Pro. My coworker does have any lag with GO Launcher EX.

SO, if you like the features of Launcher Pro but are having issues with it you may want to try GO Launcher EX

It is a very good and fast launcher but your missing out on the launcher pro plus Widgets, which in my opinion is the leading feature of the launcher

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Just switched the other day. I miss the FB widget on LPP, BUT... I don't miss the 10 second delays I was having switching screens or going to the app drawer. So far... very happy.

The reason your co-worker was having problems was because he had high quality scrolling enabled. If he disables it he will no longer have lag. For some phones it will have this problem but not all.
Zero lag with LPP here. Did your co-worker adjust the local.prop file to keep the home screen in memory? Check this link.
I had LPP plus on my X for a while, but the lag/homescreen delays kept getting worse and worse, so I decided to give Go Launcher Ex a try. So far so good, much faster and smoother than LPP, but I do miss some of LPP widgets.
I'm from China,I have a droid 1 too,I'm using adw ex 1.22,cpu overclocked to 1.15g,swap file=32m,using 5 screen,full of apps,pressing home button,almost got no lag issue.just need 1-3s ,depend on how many apps installed to sd card
IMHO, Go Launcher is much better than LP. LP is limited unless you get purchase pro. GO is alot faster and snappier too, but I don't think it compares to ADW :p That has always ran the fastest for me.
For anyone that is missing their LPP widgets, lol, download Colorized or Colorize Widget, can't remember the name. They look just like the Plus widgets if not the same.
Laggy performance could be due to so many things it's very difficult to pinpoint.

As to launchers, I tried LP and found it lacking.
I was also looking for an SMS app so I stumbled upon the Go line.
I really like it - it does not slow my system in the least.

One caveat (and I don't know if this may also apply to other launchers) about updates to the launchers themselves.
Be prepared to wait a good period of times after an update. Perhaps even a reboot.
Save your config and or clear the data (which means setting the launcher up, all over again if you haven't back up your configuration).

Go was recently updated and after the update installed I tried using it right away.
The app I tried to open crashed.
I pulled the battery but the app continued to crash. I cleared the data for that app and all seemed well.
I found a bunch of apps behaved similarly.
I finally figured out to clear the data from the lanucher itself instead of the individual apps.
Lesson learned.
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