Get Dx now or wait for D2


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Jul 18, 2010
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Can't decide here, hated the keyboard on the first one but looks like this new one is bigger and better. Same processor as the DX, memory card a little smaller but can always buy bigger. The screen size does not bother me, I am hoping mainly for a better battery life. Any thoughts?
If its battery life you care about, then ya guess the D2 is for you.. The screen size is practically the selling point to me over the D1 and D2.. Truly is gorgeous after looking at another phone..

The D2 is still going to be a great phone though.. The same good processor will be in it etc.. camera is statistically worse, but the one on the X is the worst part about the DX..

Yeah bad battery life is why I took the DX back in the first place. Camera is not really a concern to me, 5mp is fine for me. And the recording Hd video is not something I would really utilize. I more want a phone able to do all the other great stuff about Android phones, but still last well through a whole day.
Ok.. ya like I said don't thing you can really go wrong with it.. I would be happy with that phone if someone said here is the phone your going to use.

Remember there is a chance that the battery on the 2 isn't great in the beginning either.. My x is finally starting to feel like the battery is lasting long enough to my satisfaction.. Maybe it has an extended break in time period? how knows..
I agree - it's all about the big screen. My former iPhone's screen looks so small now after using the DX for most of the day. Yes, the battery life could be better, but I'm getting a full day without too much loss of functionality (i.e. I have live wallpaper, multiple widgets and push email). Here are more of my real world impressions of the DX. Although the keyboard could be better, I'm pretty much accustomed to the virtual keyboard now (after 2 years with the iPhone), so I'm happy with the DX over the D2.