Full Changelog for MIUI 1.1.22

i have not looked through all the threads and replys, but if it hasnt been fixed is the restart issue when you restore from titanium backup? this is i think unnacceptable because the reason that rooting is so nice is because of the flexible of being able to use apps like titanium backup to restore change or alter things on the phones.
my opinoin of miui is that the rom is nice, but it has some annoying flaws other roms never had like restarting on sms receieves or sends. i understand theres certain things the rom developers release to let you know to be aware of and i have stuck with miui for 2 months or so and that has not changed and there are some other annoyances.

PS i didnt spellcheck or reread this is there are gramatical errors.

when i install each rom update or change i wipe all cahce and data and redo it from scratch and resetup info except i restore using titanium backup
having only been on MIUI for three weeks, I have to say that I have not experienced any of the issues you described above. No issues restoring from Titanium Backup, no random restarts when receiving or sending SMS, etc.
The issues you seem to be having aren't exactly MIUI related necessarily. There's just a certain way to do things. You can restore with TiBa all day long, just not system data. Which really, you don't even need considering MIUI is so different than any other ROM. If you try to restore apps with TiBa while your Google account is syncing then you'll get reboots and such more than like. Once you flash, just wait a bit. I waited a little bit and 96 apps restored. The only ones that didn't were ones on my SD card. Just give it time to sync or bypass the setup screen and restore with TiBa.

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phone dial pad sound when pressed

How do i turn that off...and not mute the phone?
For some reason, Droid hardware keyboard won't turn on, haven't upgraded to latest version, I'm waiting for it to go full on the stability status, so hopefully that's fixed in the latest version released, or the next. Thanks

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