Full changelog for MIUI 1.1.28 w/1.1.26 notes as well


Aug 10, 2010
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MIUI 1.1.28 version update:
This update to fix the New Year edition of 26 on Wednesday the main bug

Repair in the dial-up interface, to adjust the volume to adjust the ring volume media

Restoration of the annex to adjust the order of insertion
Repair did not add contacts, click the pop-up boxes called mass
Fixed adjust the mass call and text alignment
FC Repair festival SMS
Repair SMS text edit box pop-up window with AutoCorrection capacity
SMS receipt Although the default to open repair, but the problem is not in force
Added 100 new Chinese New Year SMS

The problem of overlapping repair desktop icons
Remove the icon from the dock repair option to cancel the missing icon problem
Application of repair is sometimes open the question about the desktop will flash
Fix more stability and reduce the occurrence of fc.
Optimization of ring tones and vibrations at the same time cancel the prompt when opening the icon

Add online ringtone (the theme style - change the local style settings)
There is no local boot repair to the content of the animation
Fix click on the "small house" to jump back to the problem of inconsistent positions
Repair system comes with desktop wallpaper pictures inside the wrong number, and now use less of the current problems in wallpaper
Repair can not get time to play the bubble network data will always float on the outside
Application to change the global theme of restoration after the wallpaper, the backup can not be activated current theme issue
Repair desktop wallpaper to set the time of entry from the page should change the subject from the page into the same style
No repair is the progress of the backup for a long time to complete the backup problem suddenly
Repair, only the content page when a map does not show little
Repair can delete my topic back up
Fix style display issue online SMS
Optimization of the current topic should only contain the subject of system interface
List of fonts online fonts optimized thumbnails Left
Line generated optimal priority Preview
Optimization with "downloaded" the angle marked
Optimize application subject to change before the display list of items to be
Optimization of the font-line generated thumbnails

Add online song list, the search results for bulk download
New sleep mode (available on the Music menu - Sleep mode on)
New player interface and 4 * 4 widget displays animated album and lyrics
Optimization of 4 * 4 widget page layout, with a unified interface within the player
Optimization into the player the volume control key and click the direct control of the media volume (before the need to control music playback, the media volume)
Optimization of the number of each interface refresh
Repair single player does not refresh bug spectrum
Repair player interface and play songs album lyrics inconsistent bug

Camera: (in MIUI network disk download)
Repair solution Desire HD, Desire HD2 Huaping open wide mode, the deformation problem.
Fixed camera, some of the models click on 720p the problem will be FC

SD card out repair to solve the problem when the FC.

Added support for setting the search (press the search button in the Settings page can be transferred out)

Network drive:
Repair refreshes the problem can not search app

January 26 New Year Special Edition update:

Featured New Year's Edition features:
1. Short Message New Year (Week Update)
New Year's bulk SMS support visual bulk state, a key re-issued text messaging congestion; support were set up each person's call, thousands blessing SMS, SMS recommended in the hands of Quick.

2. Special New Year's custom theme (this update)
Year of the Rabbit juggle, love machine new ones makeup, not only prosperous New Year festive theme, the theme is more per section, massive support online selection of wallpaper.

3. SMS phone anti-harassment, the holidays are not afraid of the boss comes.
4. Lunar calendar, the solar term good look.

5. SMS Internet traffic monitoring, automatic reminders excess packages.

6. A variety of holiday must-application, a key to install all get.

This week Updated:
Add Phone attribution new database, an increase of 7779, amended 6777 records.
Add new to page number to jump to support sending SMS dialing
Determine the optimal conditions for the optimization of flip mute
Optimization of the number of dial-up points above the area, pop-up keyboard
Optimization of light-sensitive dial / trackball selected sliding contact, will put away the keyboard
Optimization in point # T9 dialing all the phone does not match
Repair part of the Chinese characters spelling the wrong question turn

Add message dialog box called Select Edit Nickname
Add text call the default read nickname information.
Add Click the bulk detailed list of a text message can appear
Added support for editing commonly used language and the collection of
Add some text emoticons can be compatible and interoperable NOKIA
Add in the annex Canada recommended holiday message
Add recommendation to increase SMS try their luck, random search
Google sent to the wrong fix merge fixes contacts
Google opens the wrong fix merge Thread, result in dislocation of the problems fixed message list
Text messages sent in bulk after a repair does not automatically put away the keyboard and panel issues
Fix hidden messages when offline, do not hide the problem of flying letters icon
Message pop-up windows fixed input sometimes can not afford the problems related
UI updates list of fixes when the message thread, the problem of data misalignment UI
The content of SMS load thread repair the problem miss
Select a recommended repair SMS text message -> Message -> Add a contact will only issue FC
Repair Recommendation SMS forward / group sending, should remain in the SMS interface.
Optimization of the style into a back row SMS Zone

Sync contacts or call history repair is modified when the call records continue to refresh, reset to the top of the problem
Contact Birthday not Sync fix the problem
Under repair Gtalk contact card name truncation

Optimization of the transition animation to enhance the speed of the desktop scene
Optimized to enhance the scroll speed folder
Optimization of high-quality graphics to the lock screen wallpaper
Optimization further optimize memory, so that large memory machines can have more desktop smooth
Sometimes editing fixes do not see the preview of the desktop problems
Control behavior than repair the problem of inconsistent music
Fix icon name not updating
More stability fixes the problem and reduce the occurrence of FC

New Year special custom theme
Fix or set from the desktop wallpaper can choose to modify the problem into the theme of the program
Topical application of the theme can not fix the problem
Fixed-line theme of the issue without prompting the download fails
Fixed part of the local list does not display the default theme issue
Repair some of the content of the preview page, showing the three points but only a Preview problem
Content preview page title does not fix the problem correctly
Repair after wallpaper change, the current wallpaper information display is not the right questions
Fix lock screen wallpaper to set the problem can not be selected region
Unlimited prompt repair no network problem
No fix due to FC network environment
Fix theme does not work properly after the backup and recovery problems
Preview repair online resources are displayed in the charting software in question
Fix lock screen wallpaper preview of the issue to be stretched
FC fixed into the font list

Added support for gif animated, direct view in the picture full-screen view
New setting item, you can set whether to support the playback gif, image size filter thresholds
Modify the thumbnail cache file output stream is not caused by a large number of cache flush time loss bug
Optimization of large-size picture rotation performance, save memory overhead.

Camera: (in MIUI network disk download)
Add interface optimization, modify parameters screen prompt icon, click the icon to directly modify the
Add the volume keys zoom
Edit Video capture interface

Network drive:
FC repair the problem may be

System Update:
FC repair the problem may be

HD2 camera repair hair green issues
HD2 headset repair media keys problem can not be used
Add FC to increase the collapse of the dialog box, "reported to the MIUI" function for you automatically fill out the debugging information, you can add more usage scenarios to help solve the problem
I will work on 1.1.28 after im done with my homework this week. Please don't ask for ETA's. thanks

Looking through, seems like there is a lot added/fixed... coolest one seems like sleep mode for the music player. Anyone else see anything helpful?
I will work on 1.1.28 after im done with my homework this week. Please don't ask for ETA's. thanks


james just ask. We can do your homework for you while you work on the new build :icon_ banana:
i got my signature from this thread... gotta love chinese wisdom
you got homework and i got a home
what is the assignment and when is it due
University of Michigan class of '96
college...best 5 years of ones life

just messing since when you have someone do the homework for you, you only cheat yourself

Enter to send and Fb sync pleaasseeee these are never going to be fixed -_- lol.
I will work on 1.1.28 after im done with my homework this week. Please don't ask for ETA's. thanks


considering we all wanted to flash it before the chinese version was released :p i guess we can wait for you to work your magic again

thanks for all your (hard?) work porting every new version for us!! dancedroid
Looking through, seems like there is a lot added/fixed... coolest one seems like sleep mode for the music player. Anyone else see anything helpful?

Haha my music player already has a sleep mode as it is! Haha. Turn the screen off...sleep... Change screens...sleep...:)
This build looks really nice!
Nice! Just one question,what's the desire hd2? HMM.....

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