Dust under Screen - Covered by warranty?


Jun 12, 2010
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Okay so I have had my droid since December of last year and I have had dust under the screen probably for like 4 months. It's not really that annoying to me because I can only see it when I am outside using my phone or with the screen turned off. I just wanted to know if this would still be covered under the manufacturer warranty as a defect? I mean its not big specks of dust but there is a good amount of dust underneath the screen.
Yes its covered. We have discussed this many times.

Yeah I know, I did a search and found older topics about it. What I wanted to know specifically is what constitutes as being able to return the phone for a new one? I have heard of people having huge specks of dust underneath their screen and their phones were replaced. So Verizon will replace the phone if there is any kind of dust under the screen? And, will the replacement needed to be done with Motorola or Verizon?
Not sure if you're still wondering but I'm having the same issue. There's already one noticeable speck of black dust under my Droid X screen and maybe one or two other smaller ones that can bee seen if you look closely. I'm already getting my X exchanged for the larger piece of dust that I noticed after only 3 days with the phone, but I had to pull teeth in order to get the exchange though. The Verizon rep told me that dust under the screen wasn't covered under the warranty. I had to get kind of aggressive on the phone in order to get it exchanged, which I feel bad about now because if it's a Droid X issue than it's most likely going to happen again unless I put my phone in a vacuum seal. I wish this wasn't an issue with phones but it seems like every touch screen phone I get ends up getting some kind of dust under the screen and it's very annoying to me.