Droid X pre-order from Best Buy

quick question about best buy policies

the account is under my dads name but im added as an acct manager - wanna go preorder this phone tomr but hes busy with work so wont be able to go with me

I know all of the passwords/login info for the account - will there be any problem with me going by myself?

They don't even check your account in order for you to pre-order. I told them I wanted to pre-order and I filled out the form. As I was filling out the form, the associate rang up a $50 gift card. I left with my sales receipt and gift card. It took about 2 minutes.

they dont even check the acct to see if youre eligible for an upgrade? and what was the gift card for?

They checked my line and the line eligible for the upgrade. I needed the account owners last four of the social and that's all. Filled out a form with a name line, address line, phone number and I think a signature?
When I pre-ordered at BB, they looked up my acct (needed my primary person's last 4 digits of social sec. and password and everything..), and wrote on my preorder paper my upgrade date, so obviously some do look at it. And I think if they don't check then, they will when you go to buy the phone right?
so are these phones going to be there July 15th? or will there be a wait?
so are these phones going to be there July 15th? or will there be a wait?

They go on sale July 15th. There's no way to tell if there will be a wait as I can't hope in my DeLorean and see the future. Your best bet is to preorder one from Best Buy right now and hope your local store gets enough in to fulfill the preorders.