Droid X Pre-Order starts TODAY

I unfortunately have to work till 9 / by the time I et home my local BB will be closed :( --
I'll stop by tomorrow to see if I can pre-order @ the upgrade price....
Will they honor the early upgrade that Verizon is offering?
Thanks for the heads up Dark! I'll be heading over there after work. I wonder how much I need to put down if I am paying full retail? When I bought the Droid from Best Buy, it was just $50.
i wonder how much back order this phone will have once it is out

There shouldn't be any issues with that like there has been with the Incredible. The type of screen (AMOLED) is the main culprit of that problem and the Droid X doesn't use those.
Will they honor the early upgrade that Verizon is offering?

how early of an upgrade is verizon offering?

If your current renewal date is anytime in 2010, you can get the Droid X for $199 and your contract will be renewed for two more years. Any date after December 31, 2010 doesn't qualify for the early upgrade offer.
I have to order online from Verizon. My Ne2 date was 06-20-10 so I will get $50.00 off the 199.99 price so 149.99 is good. They will also allow me to place it on my bill. Was told as long as cost is below $250.00 you can place it on your monthly bill.

I have a glove cover for my BB and gotta hav one with the Droid x they tried to get me to buy from Verizon at $24.99. Got a place I can get it for a whole lot less.

If I order from verizon I will continue to get discounts set up by my job.

So I gotta do what I gotta do.

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