droid os- appleios?


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Sep 30, 2010
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okay next question.
apple os has been going for 4 years and grooming its software for better working and am assuming in some aspects the internal hardware somewhat same year to year?

now from what Ive seen in 2 years time for android based phones a wide variety of phones all diiferent manuf and hardware I think anyway,
do you tech savy folks think if they picked a android phone lets say for discussion its the new bionic if they stayed the course as apple has and massaged both the phone and the android os wouldn't it be as or even better than the iphone?
please I'm not trolling here as I'm60 yrs young and most here could outrun me in tech and electronics and never break a sweat, I'm truely asking what you think and am I wrong in my thoughts or is there some merit to my thinking on this ?
I'm sure iphone has its own troubles so I'm not thinking it doesn't but could my thoughts above be why its easy to use . thank you for taking the time to read this- mystified