The BEST smartwatch for Android doesn't run Wear OS


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Jun 30, 2010
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Picking out a great smartwatch for an Android phone is actually more complicated than most people think. See unlike the Apple Watch which was specifically designed to complement an iPhone, Google's approach to Wear OS is dramatically different. Think of it more as a jack of all trades and master of none. It works with iOS, but is not better at it than an Apple Watch, and well, it naturally works with Android, but is also not better at it than competitors. g And sure, Samsung makes lot's of Tizen alternatives that we've covered extensively in other videos, but the operating system I never thought I'd one day like is Huawei's LightOS. I actually questioned the whole need for Huawei to re-invent the wheel with its own operating system after being the maker of some of the best Android Wear watches I've ever used. Thing is, notice how I mentioned Android Wear instead of Wear OS. Sadly, that was years ago, and the more I see how Wear OS performs, the more I understand why Huawei and Honor in jumping ship. I didn't like the first iterations that Huawei launched, but the story has changed dramatically for version 2. This is the Honor Magic Watch 2, the most recent iteration of a smartwatch running Light OS, and quite frankly one of the best watches I've seen so far. This is the new Moto 360. The successor to my favorite smartwatch of all time, and also one of the best performers in running Google's wearable operating system. The question left is if Light OS is better than Wear OS, or better yet, which watch does what better? I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let's compare.