Droid notifications mute music.

Same here.. No matter what you try itll still skip/pause the sound. Sucks for sure and I hope its addressed in the future as well.
This is a major problem for me. I listen to podcasts every day at work and even now as I type this, I just got an email from registering for droidforums. It cut out the sound for about 3 seconds. People say A LOT in 3 seconds. They need to fix this immediately. I don't want to put my phone in airplane mode every time I listen to a podcast or some music.
It only happens when your head phones are in. It plays both when you're. Using the speaker.

confirmed. Why is this though? I get two sounds out of my headphones (same ones) when plugged into my PC.
because when the message comes through, it plays the notification through the speaker of the phone. while it may seem annoying when you're listening to music, it can be a "life saver" should you have leave your headphones in and not on and you get a message, phone call, etc.