Droid notifications mute music.


Dec 23, 2009
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I've become EXTREMELY annoyed by the fact that when I get a notification while I'm listening to music it mutes my music to play the ringtone. Even if my phone is on silent it will stop my music and play silence. Is there any fix for this problem? I'm going crazy here.
mine does it too, but it doesn't bother me. all my notifications are just the phone quickly saying "DROOOOIIID". so it's no more than a second or two. big deal.
I txt seven different people at once so almost my entire song is interupted
ahhhhh, i can see how that may get annoying.

maybe it will be addressed in a future update.
I really hope it will otherwise I see no point in having a music phone.
It isn't specifically made to be a music phone like the iPhone, hence the stupid media player interface. Plus the headphone jacks on a couple of the units don't even work right.
Whats the point of disabling notifications? No more missed calls, no more knowing you're getting calls, etc. you get the idea haha
I thought Android could play two sounds at once. This is upsetting, and reminds me of my BB... which had this same problem.... one sound at a time.
It only happens when your head phones are in. It plays both when you're. Using the speaker.