Droid 4 Screen vs Droid Incredible, battery, and advice


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Feb 14, 2012
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I hear a lot of negative feedback regarding the screen on the Droid 4. I'm coming from an HTC Droid Incredible from last year which probably has the LCD screen (I think the earlier models had an AMOLED screen). Did anyone compare screens on the those two devices or upgrade from an Incredible?

I'm due for a upgrade in March. I like the phyical size of the Droid 4. I have smaller hands and the other 'great' phones out there may be too big (Razr Maxx, Galaxy Nexus, and HTC Rezound) especially if adding a bigger battery. I just bought a Seidio 3500mAh extended battery on the Incredible and not sure why I didn't do it sooner. I'm getting a whole day of heavy use. So battery life is very important as well as keeping pocketablility managable. I've never had a slide out keyboard phone either put plenty of front facing keyboard phones like Treo's, Blackberry Curve and an Samsung Saga (Windows Mobile). I'd like to get a 4g phone by early April as I'm going on vacation for 2 weeks to a 4g area and unfortunately will have to conduct alot of business while on vacation and think having 4g will help out.

Thanks for your input!
I'm pretty sure droid 4 has a better screen in comparison to the incredible because of higher resolution and ppi..

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The lcd screen on my Incredible is better imo than all the new phones but the LG Spectrum.

The screen on the Droid 4 is the weak link to an otherwise great device.

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The more I think about it, the Droid 4 may not be for me. I've used a virtual keyboard now for 2 years with no problems so going back to a physical keyboard might be tough especially since I never had a slider. Also, I have a Seidio 3500 mAh battery for my DIncredible which lasts a whole day. I don't think I'll get whole day with the Droid 4 and with a non-removable battery, I'd have to recharge during the day and/or carry a portable charger. Looks like the Razr Maxx might be the next phone with it's killer battery. I'm holding off till April anyway so we'll see if anything new is out by then. Maybe another HTC device with a 3000+ mAh battery and ICS.:biggrin:
I went in to Verizon and googled "sunsets" on my Droid-2 global and their Droid-4. The Droid-4 sunsets looked blotchy and pixilated,sort of like an artistic rendering of a sunset. The Droid-2 Global sunsets looked photorealistic. I was surprised, since I had nearly made up my mind to get Droid-4. My advice --try this comparison with your current phone before buying the Droid 4 online!
Not sure what you're talking about. Photographs on my Droid 4 are much clearer and sharper than my Droid 2.
In my opinion - In general, If you are going to get a phone now a days... get a 4g phone. I know you said you are looking to get a 4g phone and I agree... Doesn't matter what, but get a 4g phone. You are upgrading in March and will have the phone for the next 2 years. 4g service will be everywhere soon and you will want it. 4g is soooooooooo much faster than 3g. Verizon isn't joking when they say its 10x faster. I think its even more.

Just my two cents.