Droid 4 - How can I restore Android?


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Apr 3, 2015
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Motorola Droid 4
I managed to install Cyanogen on my Motorola Droid 4 a while back, but was never able to use it because:

- it never detected sim cards specifically from my operator (but worked fine with others)
- it ate up battery life at 20x the speed
- I had to install all apps manually (which only worked about half the time) by downloading the packages, and couldn't get Play store to run on it

I was thinking of trying to fix these issues, but now I realize it's probably just easier to reinstall Android... but where can I download the package? And are there any good tutorials on how to do it?

My previous phone just died so now I need to solve this issue on the newer phone.
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Welcome to the forum pallan! Let us know if Jonnys link was helpful and if there's anything else we can give you a hand with. Good luck!

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