can someone please help me? i think i screwed up my droid trying to root!


Jul 9, 2010
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today i attemped to root my motorola droid. i started out following these directions How to: Root Android 2.1 and Install Android 2.2 on Motorola DROID - Droid Life: A Droid Community Blog

well after i downloaded sapphire like it told me to, it wouldn't install so i started to follow these directions How-To Root your stock 2.1 Droid

the first set of directions told me to backup my phone and do a factory reset, but when i switched over to the second set of directions, i restored and got all of my settings back (since it didn't say to do a factory reset) i then proceded at the step where you download the link from mediafire. well that link would't download either so i reset my phone, deleted the file from my sd card and tried it again, only this time i named it only update. when i installed it, it installed succesfullly. i got to the step where you have to download android terminal emulator. i went to the app store to download it, but it would't download. it said it ws starting to download, but it stayed like that and nothing happened. i then tried to download a random app from the app store, and nothing happened either. everything else on my phone is working fine. did i screw up my phone since i did the first half of the instructions on one site and the second half from another site? how can i fix this and get the apps to download?
Rescue Squad will take care of you....

They are the best Droid crew on the internet : )

Good luck
Stop spamming the forum. Once again, WE ARE RESPONDING TO YOUR FIRST POST.
Take a look at the first link in my sig, post 13. Read through that post a couple of times until it makes sense. If you have RSD Lite issues read through the entire thread my signature's 3rd link points too.

Basically you need sprecovery installed. Then you can go to the sapphire site and just do an install of that rom.

If you can get into SPRecovery now, then you can go and install that rom. As soon as you have a rom that boots and you have SPRecovery available to you do an advanced nandroid backup of your setup with SPRecovery.
so are you saying i should follow the directions in the first link of your sigature or am i pretty much done and all i need to do is install sprecovery and im done rooting?
Merged the two threads...OP follow Titan he will help you. Also give us time to read your op and get a solution before you give up and open another thread. The same people are the ones who are gonna help you no matter what thread you opened.
ok did you install sapphire yet
Im trying to see what step you are on, because I may have a quick solution.
no i installed the link on the second directions i followed.

and now im confused cause i kinda merged the two different instructions together.

in the first set of directions i either did a backup before starting or after i used rsd lite in the first set of steps. do you think if i do a factory reset, then resore my settings i can just continue with the first set of directions and install saphire and i'll be good to go? cause i just wanna make sure the other thing i downloaded is off my phone cause i have no clue what that is!
sorry my bad i already had sprecovery installed. now what?

If you've got it SPRecovery then install the sapphire rom just like you would have installed the froyo rom in the 13th post of that other thread.

Before that do a backup though.

Don't worry about the posting too much but remember this isn't a phone conversation either. Sometimes someone might not reply back for 30 minutes....and in some cases I've seen conversations go back and forth with a day or more between posts.
Alright, lets go over what you have already done.
- you used rsdlite
- you have sprecovery
- now you trying to install a rom

Is all this correct so far.
it doesn't matter that the other software is installed on my phone already?
Alright, lets go over what you have already done.
- you used rsdlite
- you have sprecovery
- now you trying to install a rom

Is all this correct so far.

i used rsdlite yes. i have sprecovery yes. after i did that i went over to these directions How-To Root your stock 2.1 Droid and i downloaded the link from i then followed those directions and installed it to my phone, and after i installed it i rebooted my phone. thats all i did so far