Dreaded low space message


Mar 10, 2011
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So got unrooted Inc here. The low space message keeps popping up thought I had enough phone memory and I do. Got a 32 g card and got that app to sd card. Been researching for tips on this. Droid inc. team please assemble and help this dude.

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Actually downloaded apps to sd. It clears the cluttered apps cache this takes space. This app clears all cache in apps. Making space. So far so good.

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That is odd. One thing I actually did was remove the sd card (device was turned off). Put back in turn on phone. Did app to sd. Remove app cache. And no more low space message. Worth a shot. But still pacing my phone to see if anything else pops up. Btw. Forums speculate that this is a htc system fault inbeded in some phones. Perhaps, dont quote me on this.

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That is rare man. There is definitely something wrong. Mine has been clear for a good time now. Have you tried to app 2 sd?

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Wait, you did sorry. A bit out of sorts with this cold.

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Do you have alot of pictures or videos

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I've been getting the low space msg since late last week. I removed the most recent app I added and it went away, for a day or so. Now it's back. Even kept me from texting for an hour yesterday, telling me not enough resources or something similar.

I've also noticed that my Gmail will not refresh since yesterday, even with the button.

I recall the msg when I first upgraded to 2.2 but it went away after a day or two. Hopefully, it's just another bug that they'll magically and quietly fix.

SD Card - 14.9g total 11.4g avail
Internal - 6.6g total 6.41g avail
Phone - 743mb total 429mb avail
Saw a related post which had the tip of clearing cache on apps and browser. I started going through my apps and clearing cache and data for little used apps. Also opted for moving internet cache to SD card.

In middle of process the low space alert went away and my Gmail finally pushed through after 2-3 days of inablility.

Fingers crossed it sticks.
Low space solution

Not sure if anyone has answered this yet, but I had the same problem and the solution is actually simple. Even thought the prompt takes you to app manager, it has nothing to do with that. Its your text messages. Clear you texts and memory issue goes away. I went through mass amount of head ache to figure that out. I even deleted half of my favorite apps. I wish I would have figured it out sooner.
I am having the same problem as CannibalAngel and have taken all the mentioned steps to try and fix it. I have not tried clearing my cache however because when I go into the "Manage Applications" section and select any app, it says the cache is at 0.0B and the "clear cache" button is darkened so I cannot select it. Is there another way of clearing a cache?

CannibalAngel - have you found a solution yet?