Droid Inc. Disk Space low??


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Aug 2, 2010
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is anybody else getting this message. my DInc keeps telling me that my disk space is low and it wont let me access my messages or voicemail. I have deleted most of my apps to clear memory and i still am getting this message. any thoughts guys?
When you look in your settings and check your SD and memory information, how much memory do you have available? There should be three sections, SD memory, internal storage, and phone memory. Check and make sure nothing looks out of the ordinary. Let us know what you find.

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Yes first delet your text message then look at all your apps move what ever you can to SD and what ever you don't really want, get rid of it I have a DINC with a 32GB SD and I always get the low storage message. Good luck

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Do they delete off your system when you delete them from the messages list?

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How do you move your apps to your SD card ?

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Settings> Applications> Manage Applications> All Tab> check each individual app for the ability to move to the SD card. If you're rooted but running a stock ROM you can get an app called apps2sd from the market. If you're running a custom ROM they may have enabled the ability to move all apps to the SD card.
Goto your text message then menu and delet each text one by one

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Ah ha so I was right then? When you delete a "conversation" of messages out of the messages windows it deletes it off the phone storage, or whatever. Right?
Yes and thanks to @furbearingmammal for that great app apps2sd works great and is a great app to move all the apps you can to your SD so you do need a big SD card like 8GB

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Well I do know if your text message box gets full it will lock your phone up. So try to see if you can format internal memory