D2 Gingerbread known issues


Sep 25, 2010
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So with the release of TeamBlackHat's Droid 2 gingerbread leak, i figured some problems would arise, so far i really like the update, the blur doesn't look half bad, and the stock animations are pretty nice. However, I have noticed a few bugs and im sure others will in the future. So i want to make a running list as users do with the roms. But again, Gingerbread isn't looking half bad dancedroid


Droid2 Gingerbread Known Issues:

1.) Laggy. UI is still a little slow in responsiveness
2.) Random phone reboots. Experienced a few throughout the day
3.) Unlock pattern is not required on every unlock.

I haven't had any of these issues. Only issues i've seen so far are the keyboard/softkey lights turning off and requiring reboot to turn on, and swype not working..
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notification sounds are buggy for me. They repeat themselves like a bunch of times when they should be just one and done.
swype doesnt work! how do i fix this?

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in call volume

hey is anyone else having trouble with the in volume barely able to hear??? mine is turned all the way up and i can barely hear it???? help?
hey is anyone else having trouble with the in volume barely able to hear??? mine is turned all the way up and i can barely hear it???? help?

I read here that a reboot will fix it

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Anyone else experiencing massive slowdown when they try skipping forward in a video?
My notification light doesn't work...it blinks red when the battery is dying but other than that nothing...doesn't work when I get texts in the blur app or in handcent...pretty annoying if you ask me, but its still no deal breaker.

And yes rebooting it fixes the volume issues.
Yeah the phone is massively slow for about 5 min after boot up

GPS doesn't work for me either

Edit: Nvm the GPS just started working randomly, I guess it just takes awhile to start working
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Mine has been pretty flawless. I had the strange super-low volume issue, but a reboot fixed it.

Speed was sluggish at first while apps re-dl'd, but has since been nuts.

So far faster than Lib1.5.

EDIT: Yea, so i just noticed that swype is hosed on mine as well. ARGH!
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Yeah~ shame about the lack of Swype with this so far. But then again, we're D2 users~ we got a keyboard. LoL

I still miss it for quick texts and the like with one hand.
The one issue that i am having with gingerbread is that fact that my data looks to constantly be syncing. There is no way for me to get the icon removed. I've tried rebooting however, the icon just comes back within a few minutes. Any one else see this happening?
Mine did randomly for the first 6hrs... not happening anymore so it was prolly actually doing something haha

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I got swype working... I'll write a how to in the morning.

EDIT: I went ahead and did it...read below.

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