Coming from a long line of WinMo


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Nov 12, 2009
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Hello, all. I'm Abby. 34 years old, applications engineering and field service engineer in the Entertainment Lighting industry. I come from a long line of Windows Mobile devices. I was a little leery of the Android OS, but after having my new Droid in my hands for about a week now, I'm extremely happy with what it DOES do, and that which it doesn't do well yet (lots of Exchange issues for me) looks like it will vastly improve in the near future, so I'm happy to be patient and withhold any criticism until then. I found this forum through a link on PDAPhoneHome. Glad to be here!
Hey Abby!

Nice to have some more females here, to not let the forums
down in male governement :D

Glad to hear that you like the DROID so far.
Well, i dont think that the DROID is especially designed to work
as Cooperates little helper like BlackBerry's are, but im sure
we get all issues around that solved in some time.

So just ask your questions at any time.