Coming over from UD Froyo eXtreme to Kangerade


Jul 9, 2010
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Massachusetts, USA
Hey guys,

I've been a user of BlackDroid's ROM's ever since I starting modding my Droid about a month ago. Just the other day I flashed his UD 3.0.0 rom and overall I've been pretty happy with their features and performance.

For the past week or so I've been doing a lot of reading here on droidforums and saw a lot of new rom's that intrigued me. I'm generally more of a fan of minimalism when it comes my software and interfaces, so honestly Kangerade wasn't the first rom that caught my attention. However, reading the release threads for all of the latest rom's, including SS, Sapphire, BB, etc...Kangerade seemed to have the least amount of problems.

So with that all said, I just wiped and flashed to Kangerage 5.0.9 about an hour ago. So far, I'm very impressed.

For starters, the interface is a little too blue for me (Blueberry theme), and I'm sure all of the other color schemes are just as much their color as this one is. I had a brief hiccup with Google trying to restore my apps, however I did end up getting them all restored back to normal within a few minutes.

Performance wise, the smoothness and snappiness of this rom is definitely a step up from Ultimate Droid. Menus don't hesitate and neither do apps, they are just instant and smooth.

Quadrant performance (to be taken with a grain of salt) was a vast improvement over UD 2.5/3.0. My best with Ultimate Droid on Chevy's 1GHz LV kernel was 1240 fresh off a clean wipe, where-as with Kangerade I hit over 1400 for the first time ever at this clock speed. Even after adding all my shortcuts and widgets, I'm stilling hitting 1396 on my last run, and now 1435 w/ Launcher Pro installed and all shortcuts/widgets loaded.

The overall experience has been very pleasant so far, and definitely as a total package appears to be a leap above the UD rom both in terms of polish and performance.

Props to you JRummy for a great rom.

I plan on trying Sapphire and buglessbeast upon their next releases. :)
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Nov 18, 2009
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Clemmons, NC
If you like a more minimalist theme, I recommend the droid x theme. With or without the black bar it's really nice.