New Droid owner coming from an iPhone 1st Gen!


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Dec 16, 2009
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So I haven't received my phone yet but I am supposed to have it delivered today via FedEx. I'm upgrading from an iPhone 1st gen and am excited since I have been waiting for a "real" Android phone. I use both Windows and Linux actively and this phones Linux roots are exactly the type of freedom I have been waiting for.

I am not in any way an Apple fanboy and find it sad how they have a cult-like following with their super restrictive products, especially how us 1st gen owners got shafted with mms for so long when it's completely capable. Let's not even mention the lack of multitasking and the craptastic speaker on this phone.

I've been gone from verizon for sometime since all their phones were locked down and outright ugly, so finally now that they have a good phone i'm back on board and looking forward to all the cool stuff I'll contribute as a future developer/user.

This phone should be an all around great upgrade since it trumps what I am coming from in nearly all aspects except free visual voicemail.
i am from the 1g alumni also. i moved to verizon because i was having problems with At&t. i missed my iphone dearly. my first verizon phone was the storm. it Sucked. it is no comparison to an iphone.the only similarities were the touch screen. i wanted to bring it back and try the storm2. the guy in the store told wait, that something better will be coming out. so i did and the droid came reminded me of when i first got my iphone. its a cool phone but it is new. so new that it is a little limited in apps and it does a lot but not everything. it is a work in progress. i believe in time it will catch up to the iphone 3gs. :icon_ banana:
I see android developing into a powerhouse over time, it just needed the right type of network to flourish on.
I have a coworker who got the Droid the day it came out and he loves it. I spent the last year and a half hearing how bad his Storm was, how great the iphone was and how P.O.'d he was because he couldn't get AT&T where he lives. I went to work one day and told him I found his next phone and that was the last I heard the word iphone come out of his mouth. He's a very, very happy camper right now... and I will be when I can get my hands on one for myself (sometime between Jan and Mar)...
Never had an iphone (hate I tunes and wasn't going to install it on my 'main' PC at home), but I have had blackberry's and winMo phones. For me, the Droid is the Perfect phone. It does everything I want and more. All of the little things that bugged me about my blackberries and WinMo phones are gone. Of course, moving from AT&T to Verizon was also a big plus.
so yea i've been playing with this phone since last night and... it rules!! haha loaded some snes and genesis roms and some music. I dont understand some of the people complaining about the music player, it gets the job done. Oh yea this phone is super duper quick.