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Nov 22, 2009
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Hello Members of the Droid Forum!

I have been a smart phone user for the last 5 years. During that time I have had multiple Win Mobile devices as well as Blackberry devices. I carry 2 phones, one for work and one personal. For the most part I have preferred Blackberries as they've been the most stable and the best for e-mail purposes. Win Mobile devices were fun to tinker with, but their stability and poor battery life lead me to switch totally to Blackberry. However I keep an eye on technology as I work in IT and am the go to guy when it comes to hardware. I also manage all of the mobile phones in the company I work for so I am asked a lot about new devices and features. However I had never had the fortune to work with the Android OS as we deal with Verizon for 99% of our phones (we have one on At&t and it's just a regular cell phone).

Well, my NE2 for my personal phone was up today and I had been following the android OS discussions and reviews as well as the different hardware. I had spent some time in the local VZW stores and had played around with all of the devices (BB/WinMO/Android). I've also been following rumor threads as to what other devices may be coming out in the near future. From all of the offerings available and those rumored to be coming, I believe that the Moto Droid is the way to go (for me). So, I promptly signed in to my account this morning and bit the bullet!

There are many reasons I chose the Droid over the Eris and the possible HTC Passion/Dragon and other devices that "may" come out in the near future. The screen is gorgeous! Keyboard, though there are many complaints by others, was just fine for me and will make certain tasks much easier! The 2.0 OS is certain to go through some polishing stages and should only make it better than it already is (had a BB Storm since Launch and the latest update has really brought it to life) and hopefully will come faster than that of my Storm. The Applications look awesome, though not to be compared with another Phone on another Carrier:iphone:, there is still a great variety and I am sure I will be happy with the offerings. The Style! I love the looks of the Droid! I am tired of all of the rounded devices... I think it looks unique and is definitely a head turner.

I am looking forward to receiving my new phone and will be anxious to begin diving into the world of the Android OS! I could go on and on about why I chose the Droid, but I have already put up quite a bit of text and will spare everyone from reading a novel! I can be a little long winded... ;-)

I hope to enjoy my stay as I have already learned quite a bit about this new Frontier that I am about to embark on from this site!

Thank you


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Oct 29, 2009
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!!! Welcome "RedTarget" to DroidForums !!!

Nah, it's ok, I like reading novels :p Very nice intro !!! It's great to have you aboard too. You seem to be someone who has alot to offer the community. It's Great to have you join us here @ DroidForums !! We hope you find this place to be helpful, as well as fun. Enjoy your time in the forums !!