Casio commando: Verizon to Cricket flash - roaming indicator


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Nov 2, 2012
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Flashed my Commando from Verizon to Cricket yesterday. Immediately I noticed a "roaming indicator off" notice at the top of the screen. I asked an associate what it was all about (as in how to turn it on)...and as usual, I would be insulting a pile of rocks if I claimed they were that stupid. They explained the "better coverage if it's turned on" aspect (totally misunderstanding the question 3 times in a row) and I figured it would be faster/easier to learn how to turn it on myself.

I didn't have much of a beef with the flash...internet was faster, calls came in fine...except for the fact that since I've driven out to an extremely low-to-none coverage area, I can't send texts worth a ****.

Long question short....HOW do I turn roaming "on" on a Casio Commando that was flashed from Verizon to Cricket?