Best daily ROM right now?

Off she goes.

Sick of screwing with it. Getting a replacement.

Remind me. What should I do to get this thing back to normal so Verizon doesn't charge me $500 for this thing?

Open safestrap and click the uninstall button. Then uninstall the safestrap app itself. Factory reset the phone and then flash the sbf found here using RSD lite.
Thanks Jack.

So, yeah. Got the replacement and Wifi is fully functional. I don't know if I screwed up a system setting or have a corrupted file or something on the old phone but the new one is good.

Thanks all.

Back to finding a good daily driver.
Now I`m having trouble RSDing.

Is there an up to date tutorial for that?
Now I`m having trouble RSDing.

Is there an up to date tutorial for that?

Make sure you are using the data cable that came with the phone. I have a samsung one i grab by mistakes sometimes and i end up pulling out my hair trying to figure out the problem.
yep. has the M on it.

First, RSD just wouldn't recognize the phone. Then it did and told me that the phone wouldn't switch to fastboot mode.

What a PITA.
Makes sure you have the latest drivers and rsdlite. I would tell you the version i am using, but im not at home.
ive been using the carbon nightlies for my daily the past few weeks. love the customization options and battery life. mms gets a little wonky sometimes but gets fixed with a reboot.
I have tried Liquid numerous times and always find myself switching back to Eclipse. LiquidSmooth is a great ROM, it's just unstable. I have had a lot of trouble with random reboots, MMS problems, ringtone/notification tones not saving, etc... If you want stability, go with Eclipse.
Eclipse is the most stable, but I don't really consider it a "custom" ROM, especially since the JB update, which rendared all the over and underclocking flashable zips useless. It's pretty much just the stock ROM with a few bloatware apps removed. Even the toggle settings on the pulldown menu are just a an ordinary app straight from the Play store, as opposed to being a baked in feature, like with most custom ROMs.

I vote AOKP or Carbon as the best custom ROM choice, though to be fair, just those two make up about half of the custom ROM choices that are even available for the Droid 4.