Best daily ROM right now?

Big D

Nov 12, 2009
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I was running stock up until a few days ago when I finally decided to try and fix my terrible wifi situation by trying some ROMs. I haven't been able to figure out why my wifi doesn't work since I "upgraded" tp JB, but now that I've ripped the band-aid off, I'm interested in finding the most reliable, trouble-free ROM that won't require a daily install.

I've tried Eclipse, which is fine, and stock. Little things like no wifi and keyboard glitchiness are driving me a bit nuts. Why does the shift key work only for a while then stops? Why does wifi show 2 bars (when I hold the phone NEXT to the router) and then a few minutes later it shows no bars?

The interesting thing is that these issues persist even through a wipe/factory reset and new ROM flash.

I'm hoping to one day, figure out my issues. But for now, just the best ROM available would be great.

Thanks guys.
CM10.1 is solid. I liked Liquid while I was running that although I haven't tried any of the newer builds. I've heard good things about Carbon as well. I didn't really care for the UI of PACman personally although I didn't have any issues performance wise. My personal favorite is Avatar. Performance is solid and I love the theming capabilities built in. PACman and Avatar can be found over on XDA forums: Droid 4 Android Development - xda-developers I'd suggest giving them all a spin and see what you like!
I've only tried cyanogenmod and liquid jb, but liquid is the clear winner for me.
Thanks a lot, fellas. Could I ask why, Jack?
Thanks a lot, fellas. Could I ask why, Jack?

Two main reasons: cyanogenmod is still sorting out an issue with ringtones that cause you to have to reassigning them after rebooting or connecting to pc (i think they just got it fixed for reboot). Couldnt get tether to work in cyanogenmod. Also, i like how the fonts and icons in the notification bar are closer to stock in LiquidJB.
Now there does seem to be some issues with the latest Liquid build. Would 2.5 be the one to go with?
Eclipse is the clear winner for me. It's the only stable ROM out of the bunch. LOVE IT
I like eclipse but I was hoping to try one that would solve my Wifi issue.
I've been using Carbon for quite a while now. If you haven't flashed it yet, do it.
Battery life is godly with the thang
Hope it works for you.

I'm having trouble flashing this with SS 3.11. Dl'd it to root folder, set it up on rom slot 3 and when i select the liquid file for install, it fails. Unknown installs is checked. Any ideas?