Droid X wifi getting one bar


Mar 24, 2011
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For past few days, I've only been getting one bar of wifi signal even if I stand next to the router. I've tried other wifi connections outside of my house but they only get one bar as well so I'm guessing it's not my router's fault. I was on liberty 3 v2.0 and I couldn't figure out anything so I sbfed to .605 and the problem still persists. I've tried downloadnig wifi fixer and fxr wifi fix but still didn't solve the problem. Should I even bother contacting verizon for replacement? If so, what should I do before so I don't get blamed for rooting my phone?
I had a consistently weak Wifi connection, often too weak to connect unless I was within a few feet of the router. It turned out that the used phone that I bought had the extended battery installed with the standard battery cover (probably causing internal pressure on something). Using the proper cover with the battery fixed the problem.
Although my battery is not extended, it seems to have same problem. (maybe increase in battery volume from use over the years?) When I lightly pull out the battery (not completely), I get good signal but when I press it all the way in and put battery cover, it loses the signal. I guess I will have to use replacement battery if I'm using wifi...