Asurion's replacements for Droid 1


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Feb 14, 2011
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Hello. I've been a Droid 1 OG owner since last summer. Great phone. Rooted it, overclocked it, "supercharged" it. Also a college student developing an app for Android.

Anyways, as a poll I saw earlier, mine does tend to get "possessed" randomly. Not sure what the problem is, but it doesnt bother me as much as it doesn't happen too often.

However, I've been paying like 7 dollars a month for this insurance, and I only have a year left. Has anyone claimed their Droid 1 with this company recently? I read up in the past that they tried to hand you off crappier phones (LG Ally, etc). I know the Droid 1 has been out of production for a bit now, and that Asurion's contract must provide you with an equal or better phone.

So what have any claim clientele recieved, preferably recently?
*note*: I'm not looking to commit insurance fraud here. The whole "possessed" phone thing is not consistent(hence why I am hesitant to claim), but it def seems hardware related.
my phone got dropped and broke back in Feb of this year - they replaced with another D1. it was in excellent shape. i imagine they've received a lot of D1's recently, since everyone who bought there's at initial release were eligible to upgrade in the last couple of months. (meaning, they have a fresh supply to refurbish for insurance claims.)