Asurion droid replacement Question

droids in Stock.. SEPT 16

I'd really like to know what replacement they give me. Would really appreciate someone who has gone through this replacement process or knows 100% what they give you for a droid one. Thanks.

My wife and I were at the fair a couple weekends ago and her droid fell out of her pocket and plumitted a good 60 feet to the concrete....amazing thing broke the the rubber case she had on it and dented the corner of it...the screen was a little loose and wouldn't open all the way, but the phone was fully functional other than the physical keyboard. I was amazed that the phone withstood that type of fall. I digress...I called asurion, they sent her a refurb droid 1...said they have plenty in stock now. Good luck. This was on 9/4 by the way.....

I just filed my claim after they sent me a broken refurb.. the pos eris, now they are sending me a NEW droid lawl.. coulda done this in the first place... oh and btw.. i was on the back order and no one contacted me to complete the claim..or let me know droids were in.. so just call them after a couple days if your on back order cause they are ****ing retarded at asurion. i always give ****ty survey numbers for them.... ALWAYS!
so they gave me a refurb droid, and it was messed up, i called and argued and argued, they offered me the usual, eris, devour, alley, then they went on and offered me a blackberry storm. once i heard that come out of her mouth, i didn't know rather to raise all kinds of hell, or laugh, I was as shock that she would even offer me a sh*tty phone. so they just said that they will get a new, none refurb droid but it will be on back order. my thing was, if they stopped making them, and verizon cant get them, how in the hell can Asurion offer me a brand new Droid. its some B.S
The verizon stores ate sending all their stock of droids to asurion, since they no longer sell them in stores..
Just got it.. BRAND NEW woot gl guys had to call them so many times wtf