Apple Finally Fixes Error 53


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Oct 6, 2011
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Last week a story made the rounds about a common error iPhone users were experiencing after allowing a third party to replace components on their phone. The error "Error 53" was showing up after accepting an update. The phone would check all components to make sure there were no third party fingerprint scanners installed. If it noticed a third party scanner it would instantly wipe the phone's data and brick the phone. The only fix at the time that Apple could come up with was to pay them $300 for a new phone.

After all the outrage and consumer backlash Apple has announced a fix for this error. A new update takes this check away. Meaning If you take the new update and you have a third party scanner your phone won't be bricked. Users who have already experienced the Error 53 can now attempt to force restart the device and then restore it in itunes. If the error persists you can contact Apple support.
The update won't re-enable TouchID though.

The Error 53 was due to a device check that was only ever intended for factory use according to Apple.

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