error 53

  1. DroidModderX

    Apple Finally Fixes Error 53

    Last week a story made the rounds about a common error iPhone users were experiencing after allowing a third party to replace components on their phone. The error "Error 53" was showing up after accepting an update. The phone would check all components to make sure there were no third party...
  2. DroidModderX

    I Want You! Says a Law Firm Regarding Apple's Error 53.

    Last week we discussed an error popping up on all iPhones that had the home button and touch ID replaced by a third party. Error 53 is triggered when iPhone users attempt to accept an update. Security checks if the iPhone's touch id senosr matches the other devices components. If that part was...
  3. DroidModderX

    Apple Infuriating Customers By Auto Bricking Their iPhones!

    This story makes my blood boil and I don't even carry an iPhone! Apple has decided that they want full control of iPhone repairs. There have been mom and pop iPhone repair shops since the beginning of the iPhone. Now those shops could possibly go out of business. Apple is issuing an update...