Android’s Awesome Gesture Search: Turn Your Phone And Write With Your Finger


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Android’s Awesome Gesture Search: Turn Your Phone And Write With Your Finger


Back in March, Google launched an experimental new app for Android called Gesture Search. It’s an awesome idea: you can search for anything on your device simply by writing a letter with your finger on the touchscreen. Today, they’ve made it even more accesible thanks to a new flip-to-activate feature.

With Gesture Search 1.2, all you have to do is turn your phone to the side and then move it back to the regular position to activate Gesture Search. You can fine-tune the sensitivity in the settings as well to make sure you don’t, you know, activate this every single time you move your Android phone.

Google is smart to play up these types of features as they’re something Apple is unlikely to allow with the iPhone (granted, it was Google who made this particular app). Between this, voice search, and Swype, the awesome keyboard replacement app, Android is getting some really innovative ways to interact with your phone.

Currently, Gesture Search is only for your Android contacts, bookmarks, applications, and music (you need

Android 1.6 or later to run it) — hopefully Google can come up with an effective way to let it search the entire web.

[video=youtube;gD3ZYKIqj7A]"]YouTube - ‪Gesture Search on Android - "Double Flip"‬‎[/video]

You can find the app here.