Android phones aren't as touch responsive as the Iphone?


Nov 22, 2009
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Has anyone else noticed this? My friend has an Iphone and when you touch the screen it just seems so much smoother and quicker than any other android phone I've tried. I definitely notice a lag when I touch an android phone's screen but I must admit I'm really sensitive to it - (most people probably won't notice unless they actually compare to an iphone). Is this software or hardware related?
My wife's iPhone is no better or worse than my X...
My wife's iPhone is no better or worse than my X...

Try again. It's very evident when scrolling up down left and right.

this might have more to do with apps or roms and what not. Overall its all the same, there might be a small delay from time to time when I have a ton of apps running.

Android can get slugish when you have background apps going, remember the Iphone is very limited in what can run in the background. Android lets it flow free, any app can be made that way. And it may or may not be optimized.
I'm talking about just scrolling through the interface or even a webpage. The iphone is more "fluid" and keeps up with the finger more accurately it seems. I just did a google search and found other posts about how the iphone touchscreen is superior so I'm obviously not the only one to notice this. I still want to know is this a software or hardware issue?
Like I said in my previous post, they use different Technology for their touchscreens. Mac has trademarked theirs which is currently slightly superior. Overall both are improving with every new phone.

Try calibrating your phone's screen btw.
I did the calibration but there's no difference. I don't think that has anything to do with it.