Touch responsiveness randomly starts lagging after some use


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Jan 22, 2014
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Hello guys, I have a problem with my phone which normally works perfectly fine, but after some time the touch gets a bit of a delay and the screen reacts to touch kinda slowly, as if it were a very low-end device, and the display starts working very slowly when I touch the screen. If I just fling my finger, the animation is as smooth as before, but if I hold it down, it will be very choppy and laggy.
When I turn the screen off and on again, the lag dissapears and the phone becomes very responsive again. It is random when this effect will appear, it can appear 10 seconds after unlock or after as much as 10 minutes, but it mostly tends to appear in apps like the browser, tumblr, BBC News, things like that. It doesn't always appear, for example scrolling through homescreen and app drawer, settings, clock, mainly built-in basic apps will not trigger it usually, although it can happen. The only fix is to turn the screen off and on.
I haven't rooted the phone, I'm using a custom launcher but this happens on the default launcher as well. I only keep Viber running in the background from applications all the time, and sometimes Tumblr, although the effect happens no matter if it's running in the background or not.
My phone is Alcatel One Touch Idol (6030x). Like I said, it works very smoothly with minimal lag, until I start using the Tumblr or BBC app or such apps (the apps will run smoothly until the effect randomly triggers, and after I turn the screen off and on, they will resume to run smoothly, until it happens randomly again). The display keeps working fine, everything is smooth, except when I touch an item on the screen.
Thanks in advance, and sorry if I broke any rules, it's my first time posting in this sub-forum :)
Oh, and by the way, once the effect triggers, not just the app becomes slow to touch, the entire phone becomes slow to touch, whether I close the app or not.