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Sep 1, 2019
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Meizu M5
Hello , i'm new here and i have a strange problem in my phone.
i've Meizu M5 "if you heard about it"
it used to work for 10 months without any problem
recently i noticed an annoying lag in it even during sliding home screen pages..i removed some apps , cleared junk , freed great space but with no luck
i even downgraded the firmware to the one that came with the phone but the lag still exists even with no apps installed ![/COLOR]
then one day i restarted the phone and noticed that it runs smoothly as before but after few hours the lag returned although there are no apps installed !
i have to restart it many times a day to make it work smoothly but that's really it a problem in RAM or what ?
Please help .
note : this lag is worse on updated firmware
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Welcome to the forum. Sorry to see the issue.So have you done a full reset? I see you took some good steps to troubleshoot

yes , i did a factory reset with wiping out data but that did not solve the problem too
so guys am i out of luck or what ?
It's hard to say, that's not a very common phone among current forum members. If you did a factory reset and downloaded the exact same apps all over again it's hard to say if an app is the issue and if the factory reset was worth it. If you did a factory reset and installed NO apps whatsoever and adjusted NO Settings and still have the lag...then your phone might just have RAM issues and not be compatible with current Android OS?

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maybe you're right but there's still one thing left to do :
i think i downgraded my firmware to a version still more updated than that came with the phone
i saw the stock firmware in a website & realized that it's older than the one i used & people said it solves many issues of the other updated firmware !
i'll try it & i'll inform you about what will happen
i tried the firmware..same result..the lag returns after 3 hours :( this is impossible
suddenly the issue is gone ! i don't know how ! perhaps this stock firmware is capable of killing lags by its own ! the only thing i remember i did is i switched my phone off for few minutes did that solved the lag ? i have no idea..i just hope that this annoying lag will never return :)
Good deal!

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