Razr HD lagging


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Jan 7, 2013
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Is this normal? I can't see why it would be but its driving me absolutely nuts.

What I mean by this is sometimes going from home screen to home screen it won't be smooth. Itll take a little bit of time (relatively speaking). Coming out of an app to the home screen will be choppy, not smooth. Sometimes Ill type out an entire word before it even registers and starts typing to catch up with me. If I tap the home button to zoom out from the home screen and back, itll be choppy, not smooth.

It's those microscopic seconds between things that drives me crazy. This weekend I started using the google play where I put all of my music onto google play from my computer and I access it via the app. Today it was skipping worse than a beat up CD I used to listen to when I was 16 (full bars of 4G and on my wifi). I play Temple Run 2 and the only time I die is when the phone decides to lag at the exact time I need to swipe my guy. Or itll just lag and when its done lagging Im 30 meters down the track (or off the ledge).

Is this normal? Should I call Verizon? Should I reset the phone (I can't see going through this already as I just got the phone a few months ago). My last phone was the Incredible. It was old and didn't lag ANYWHERE NEAR the way this phone lags.

Anyone have any advice?